Improving access to better health services

JoinCareTeam helps underserved individuals, families and communities get access to the high-quality care they deserve. We’re a stand-alone virtual medical practice that partners with safety-net providers across the United States.

Virtual care and education

Convenient online consults and doctor visits

Remote monitoring of patients’ vitals and overall health

Multi-cultural resources

Bilingual and multi-lingual health care services

Overcome transportation and financial barriers

Highly personal approach

Dedicated team of experts delivers multi-touch care

Personalized care plans and goal setting

Our Services

The JoinCareTeam mission:

Improve the health, happiness and livelihood of everyone we serve.

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We make care more


We help underserved patients treat chronic diseases and illnesses, like:


Heart disease




Mental health

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Resources to live healthy and happy.

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What’s important now?

Seasonal health update

Cold and flu season is here. To avoid getting sick, make sure you drink water, wash your hands regularly and keep a safe distance from strangers.

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